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Rainwater Systems in Newcastle

Permaroof Newcastle specialises in rainwater systems installation, replacement and repair, covering all of Newcastle, Gateshead and beyond. We use only high quality materials for guttering and cornices and provide insurance-backed workmanship guarantees as standard. Come to us for all your domestic and commercial rainwater management projects – large or small.

Book your free, no-obligation flat roofing survey at Permaroof Newcastle today. We offer a professional and reliable service, with an honest assessment of your gutters and a fast, free quote. Finance available.

  • Insurance Backed Guarantee

  • Free, No Obligation Quotations

  • Friendly, Professional Service

  • Permaroof UK Certified Partner

  • OSCAR (Onsite Competency Assessment Report) Certified

  • Affordable Finance Available

  • Highest Quality Materials

Book your free, no obligation roofing survey and quote today

Book your free flat roofing survey at Permaroof Newcastle today. We provide a professional and reliable service, a comprehensive assessment of your job and a  free, no-obligation quote. Finance available on all our EPDM projects.

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Prevent Blocked or Leaking Gutters

Blocked and leaking gutters can significantly damage the structure of not only your roof but of the whole property. Prevention is better than an emergency repair and we recommend that maintenance is completed regularly to prevent problems before they arise.

Permaroof Newcastle can install a simple, innovative and affordable solution to keep your gutters free-flowing and maintenance free. The system is guaranteed for 10 years to let you put this regular maintenance task aside for the foreseeable future.

Book a free, no obligation roofing survey and we’ll talk you through your guttering options.

Refresh the Look of Your Property

Replacing old, worn or damaged gutters can transform the look of your home, in addition to giving it longevity and minimising the risk of a leaking roof. It can also help to streamline your rainwater management and keep gutters free flowing.

Permaroof Newcastle is trained and experienced in the replacement or installation of new gutters, cornices, fascia board, soffits and rainwater management systems to our typical high standard. We use only the highest quality materials for all your projects and provide a free, no-obligation rainwater system survey and quotation.

Book yours today at Permaroof Newcastle.

Efficient Rainwater Harvesting

More and more people are considering the environment when making major home improvement decisions. Across Newcastle, our customers are installing rainwater harvesting systems to enjoy the eco-benefits of saving water.

We work with homeowners and commercial property owners across Newcastle and Gateshead, providing expert advice and no-obligation quotes. Whether you are thinking about installing a complete new system or need your existing gutters connected to a modern rainwater harvesting solution, talk to us.

We offer a free gutters survey and will talk you through your options for a compliant, efficient rainwater harvesting system.

Free Fascia. Soffits & Gutter Assessments | Permaroof Newcastle

Why Choose Permaroof Newcastle South?

Permaroof Newcastle has a long-standing reputation built through the provision of reliable and high quality flat roofing services and customer support. We start with a free, no-obligation roofing survey and give an honest, no-nonsense assessment of your works.

We’ll talk you through your options and provide a comprehensive, no-obligation quote. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying for with no surprises at the end.

The team at Permaroof Newcastle are highly trained, qualified and experienced in EPDM flat roofing. We take pride in our straightforward, professional yet friendly approach and work to the highest standards in both installation and customer service.

Covering a wide service area, we have extensive experience in all types of roofing projects. If you’ve been looking for a reliable and professional Newcastle roofer, book your free flat roofing survey today.

Trading as Rubberroofs, we joined the Permaroof License Network and added our new and exciting arm of the business – Permaroof Newcastle – in 2018. Permaroof UK is one of the largest EPDM suppliers in Europe and licenced distributor for Firestone membranes and accessories. We share a passion for flat roofing and ensuring high standards, so teaming up with Permaroof was a natural progression to take our business to the next level.

We are now able to offer our customers even more benefits across all your flat roofing projects.

Permaroof Newcastle is confident in our skills and experience and ensure our clients feel the same way. We provide 10-year insurance-backed workmanship guarantees as a standard part of every EPDM installation at no extra cost.

Also, as accredited roofers, we are subject to random quality control inspection visits and this offers our clients extra assurance that you’re getting a high quality installation. All Firestone EPDM membranes are covered by long materials warranties in addition.

Through our partnership with Permaroof UK, we now offer a selection of affordable finance packages to help you spread the cost of your new EPDM installations. Major roofing works are often unexpected and PermaFinance can help take some of the pressure off.

Flexible and affordable options available from £750 – £25,000. Fast application process and on-the-spot-decisions. Book your free, no-obligation flat roofing survey in Newcastle today.

We cover Newcastle and the surrounding areas including:

Gateshead, Newcastle, Durham, Whickham, Chester le Street, Darras-Hall, Low Fell, Jesmond

Book your free, no obligation roofing survey and quote today

Book your free flat roofing survey at Permaroof Newcastle today. We provide a professional and reliable service, a comprehensive assessment of your job and a  free, no-obligation quote. Finance available on all our EPDM projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters and Rainwater Systems

We will try to include the most asked questions we get about rainwater management below. If you have a question, feel free to contact us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Can replacing gutters reduce the risk of flat roof repairs?2021-05-05T11:15:39+00:00

Blocked gutters are one of the most common reasons people need flat roof repairs in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. Once gutters become clogged with leaves, moss and other typical autumn debris, water cannot effectively drain away. This leads quickly to overflow, and the risks of water ingress and damage increase dramatically.

Installing good quality guttering, correctly and to a high standard, with a GutterBrush to eliminate clogging can contribute significantly to reducing flat roof repairs.

How much do replacement gutters cost?2021-05-05T11:15:15+00:00

All projects are different with the cost dependent on several factors. These include project scale and size of the property, but also design and the individual requirements of each client. Permaroof Newcastle start off with a free gutters survey and consultation where we will talk you through your options.

We provide a comprehensive quotation with all your costs detailed. We don’t do ‘hidden extras’ and you will find no surprises when you come to pay your bill.

How long does a GutterBrush last?2021-05-05T11:14:54+00:00

A GutterBrush installation offers a long-lasting, reliable solution to blocked gutters and drains. The product comes with a 10-year guarantee for peace of mind.

What is a GutterBrush?2021-05-05T11:14:34+00:00

The Gutterbrush is a simple, yet innovative product that consists of polyurethane brush filaments wound around a central, stainless steel core and resembles a baby’s bottle brush in design. It functions by fitting neatly into most standard gutters and prevents leaves and other debris from entering the gutter profile.

Debris simply blows off or becomes caught in the filaments. Water can still pass easily through the filaments and drain away freely.

Should you maintain gutters?2021-05-05T11:13:56+00:00

The short answer is yes. It is important to carry out regular maintenance on all gutter and rainwater systems to prevent clogging, which is one of the most common reasons for a leaking roof in Newcastle. For many homeowners, clearing gutters and making repairs to old gutters and downpipes is a regular maintenance task.

Permaroof Newcastle can install a GutterBrush to help prevent clogging and recommend long-lasting UPVC gutters to avoid degradation. Talk to us about a low maintenance gutter system during your free roofing survey.

Can you replace gutters without having a new roof?2021-05-05T11:13:30+00:00

Permaroof Newcastle commonly replace guttering systems during a new flat roofing installation. However, if you have concerns about the condition of your gutters, book a free, no-obligation roofing survey and let us find out what’s going on.

We can replace worn, damaged or old guttering as a standalone job if needed and offer free advice regarding your options.

Is rainwater harvesting legal in Newcastle?2021-05-05T11:13:03+00:00
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